The Dawn Of A New Era In Health Care

ore than ever, health care consumers are hungry for information about recent medical advances, healthy lifestyle choices, and up-to-date treatment options. At the same time, the quick pace of medical advancement places growing importance on continuing medical education. So among health care consumers and professionals alike, accurate, user-friendly information is increasingly in demand.

The convergence of this new era in health care with rapidly evolving communications technologies presents marketers of health-related products and services many new and exciting promotional opportunities. But rarely are accomplished communications producers and consultants also medical experts, or are health professionals also communications experts. So here to bridge the gap is Autograph Communications.

Unparalleled Insight

utograph Communications' value-added services are unique. Physician owned and operated, Autograph combines medical expertise with the talents of accomplished media designers using state-of-the-art, in-house video, sound and multimedia production facilities.

What makes Autograph unique is our intimate familiarity with all sectors of the medical community and with the needs of health care consumers. In this regard Autographs's insight has been the catalyst for most of our popular productions.

Once in production, our medical expertise assures superior quality control, an accelerated internal approval process and greater overall production efficiency. In short, we do a lot more than just produce your communication materials - we greatly ease project management.

One Stop Services

ur in-house medical expertise, production facilities, and communications design team make Autograph a single stop for all health communication needs. Our services include:

  • Marketing consultation
  • Broadcast-quality video production
  • Digital sound recording
  • A/V presentation and slide kits
  • Interactive CD-ROM authoring
  • Graphic design and print publishing
  • Web publishing
  • Packaging design and mass reproduction
  • Comprehensive patient lecture/seminar services
  • And more...

Cost Efffective and and Auhtoritative Expertise

Demanding the utmost quality, our clients keep returning because of Autograph's high production values, cost-effectiveness and because all our productions are closely supervised by a leading health care professional. To receive a sample kit of our work and discuss how Autograph can help meet the challenges before you, contact us today.

Physician owned and operated producers of acclaimed educational health programming for broadcast, video, multimedia CD, print, web publishing, and pharmaceutical marketing support. Visit our site for multimedia samples, info request form, background, services, and contact information.